Revenge Lab is born from the union of two great experience: on one side the experience of whom has to give answer relating to rehabilitation and postural questions, answer relating to the restart of the physical activity and/or the performance; on the other side those who consider the performance a “must”.

The doctor Maurizio Consoli and Revenge Srl together in order to give concrete answers to all athletes, but also to continue the development and improvement of R-evenge’s products.

Structured and organized inside one of the most important and historical sports center of Brescia (Europa Sporting Club), the area REBALANCE is the evolution of Fitness and Performance expressed in a digital way. Evaluation and Training assume an innovative meaning, thanks to the ideator of the project and the high technology.


The static-dynamic biomechanical analysis, the objective parameters, the checks are all elements that are part of the research work aimed at optimizing performance but also functional recovery. The synergy with the R-Evenge philosophy and with the product design exponentially increases the elements necessary to overcome the physiological limits that until recently we were not able to detect.

The research and development area that combines the two realities allows you to parameterize the changes, improvements and also the critical points induced by the use or not of the products, through
analyzes and data ranging from ROM, to reaction times, contact , of force expression, of venous return thrust, etc.



osteopath, physiotherapist, motor science; over 30 years of operation in the professional sports field both as a trainer and rehabilitator.
phone: +393933315026

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