…What you have in your hands is not a simple sock but the result of hundreds of hours of tests, experiments and researches…

...our passion, your pleasure...

The company, based in Brescia, is the only 100% Made in Italy company worldwide, specialized in the creation, design, production and sale of accessories for the protection of barefoot movement and technical clothing to support the musculature during indoor and outdoor fitness activities.

More stability, more safety, more comfort, more hygiene

These are the winning cards to allow anyone, adults or children, to face all disciplines such as Pilates, Yoga, Antigravity, Functional Training, Crossfit, Calisthenics, Bars, Booty Bars, Dance, Free Body, Aerobics, Choreographic Step, Rebounder, Stabilometric Platforms, Postural Exercises, Rehabilitation, Aquagym, Hidrobike, Aquatics, Running, Walking, Spinning, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and also for the Home, Free Time, Wellness Centers, Spa, Thermal baths, etc.

Hence the creation of different lines of technical products that become, thanks to advanced barefoot studies and the quality of Made in Italy manufacture, a must for master trainers, for sports professionals and for all those who want to keep fit practicing sport.

Take Care of your body! Is the only place you have to live !

This is our mission: the revenge for our feet and our body!

Our products are the answer to the most specific needs of our customers through the constant research for technical solutions and innovative materials to achieve the best result. Performance is our achievement!
All R-evenge products are designed to provide the best grip on both dry and wet surfaces, the best comfort and the best wellness through the use of special materials and unique for their features.

New collection in store: Linea Socks

Technical sock for each discipline that perfectly fits the foot while allowing you the same freedom of movement as if barefoot in total security.

R-evenge is also Tubular Philosophy (Patent Pending), technical accessories that adhere perfectly to the arms, legs and gluteus, to support the muscles during Fitness activity but also before and after your activity.

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