Underwear & Accessories

In the world of the gym the need to have specific accessories suitable for any type of activity is a necessity for master trainers, for sports professionals but also for all people who want to be in a good shape with the attention of the professional.

Accessories & Underware

Our accessories and technical clothing are the answer to the specific requests that come to our Research and Development department from the Master Trainer with whom we have always collaborated and which are our first source of indication and inspiration.


R-evenge GLOVES is a technical accessory that fits like a second skin on the hand.

Suitable for all activities in the gym, for a precise grip, thanks to the inserts in silicone, on ropes, bars, fabrics and dry surfaces, trapezoids, rings, tools for Pilates, functional training.


Anti-slip silicone insole ideal for every surface and dry tool.


Thanks to the two seams on the fingers the glove remains perfectly adherent to the hand.


Decreases the possibility of injury or peeling of hands during activity and the use of some tools.


Sweatband insert near the top of the thumb

Sizes available: S, M, L


R-evenge UPPIES is a technical accessory designed in collaboration with DLS, Deborah Lo Scalzo, for Bars (also bars, booty bars, bars body, xtendebarre) and Dance.

Perfectly adherent to the foot, the extremities are free to have 100% of the sensitivity favoring the correct posture of the vertebral column.

Thanks to the innovative anti-slip insole in Silicon-Mix the execution of the exercise allows to calibrate significantly the strength, tone and elasticity of the muscles of the back, abdomen, arms, buttocks and legs. In addition, exercise with the foot free from rigid structures, helps to reactivate the circulation and facilitates the microcirculation with benefits on body temperature.


Anti-slip insole In Silicon-Mix, ideal to guarantee a precise and accurate execution of every movement and exercise on dry surfaces.


Internal plantar cushion sewn to help with the exercises on the tip toes.


Silicone inserts around the toes for greater grip on the foot and stability. Silicone inserts also on the ribbons to wrap around the ankle.


It resists friction and sweating

Sizes available: XS / S, M, L
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Tank Top

The Tank Top Revenge is a technical clothing item for Pilates, Yoga, Functional Training, Step, Bars, Dance, Choreographic Step, Zumba, Aerobics, Running, Basketball, Volleyball, Crossfit, Weights, Walking.


The Q-Skin ® fiber keeps its characteristics intact over time even after numerous washes. Washing resistance tested by the MIS PLUS institute in Zurich according to the JIS L 1902/02 standard.


Tested by the MIS PLUS institute in Zurich according to the DIN ISO 20743: 10-2007 standard. Q-Skin ® is a 6.6 polyamide fiber with SILVER IONS directly inserted during the spinning process that regulates the development of bacteria preventing the formation of bad odors.


Q-Skin ® yarn takes care of your skin: effectiveness, breathability, freshness and comfort.

Sizes available: S / M, L / XL – 120 Deniers


The BABETTE sock is an ideal accessory for gym activities where specific technical features are not required.

Also ideal as a Free Time, Home, Travel, Wellness Center, Spa, Dance.

The silicone print guarantees the right grip on all dry surfaces.

All the Babettes are finished and sewn by hand by our expert Italian craftsmen.



The BABETTE BALLERINA sock is an ideal accessory for gym, free time, home, travel, wellness, spa and dance activities.

The inclusion of a crossover with high quality trimmings gives the Ballerina model a very glamorous note.

One size



The BABETTE PARIGINA sock is an ideal accessory for activities in the Gym, Free Time, Home, Travel, Wellness Centers, Spa, Dance.

Hand finished with a lace edge.

One size
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